Useless hob

I have a flat in Cardiff that I use when I’m down here. The hob is based on the enclosed heavy electric elements, and though we used to have them in one of our houses, it was many years ago and I had forgotten just how useless they are. They take about 10 minutes to heat up, and then won’t control temperature very well, so it’s easy to overshoot and have food cooking furiously and/or burning to the pan. It doesn’t help that I was a cheapskate and bought some throw-away pans as I didn’t want to invest in more good ones that I wouldn’t need when I didn’t have the flat. Between the two, it takes away much of the plasure of rustling up a meal, and I have now basically ruined two of the pans (so, more instantly throw-away than I had expected!).

At home we put in induction hobs, and I have got used to the superb controllability – better than gas. The comparison is startling, and I am left wondering I should take up the seller of this heap of junk under the trade descriptions act as not actually selling a hob, more an instrument of frustration. It must also waste more energy than it ever saves in cost, over even a short period, so it isn’t even really cheaper!

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