Easier & faster ice filtering of stock (maybe)

A few months ago I wrote about our first attempt at ice filtered stock (see here).  It tasted fabulous, but it took days and days to do the ice filtering.  I wondered if this was due to the small surface area, so we tried out a short-cut and it seems to work great.  We put the base stock in ice-cube bags and froze it, then stacked the popped out cubes on the muslin (See photo below).  Now the filtering happened in a day rather than 3-4, and we got about 3-4 times as much liquid out.  It tasted slightly less intense than the first one we did, but it wasn’t the same base stock so it’s not really a fair comparison.

Intriguingly, as I post this we have another one on the go, and after 24 hours there is almost no filtered stock coming out.  So, I wonder if it is a surface area question, or one of how much gelatin there is in the stock.  The one that filtered more was a cheat, based on the remains of two chickens that we had done on a rotissierre, so had quite a bit less fat.

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One Response to Easier & faster ice filtering of stock (maybe)

  1. chef andrew says:

    hello mate, try freezing the stock in flat first, the gelatine will absorb and hold pure water and release high note stock.

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