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Car insurance pricing

I just renewed my car insurance, and confess I find the pricing confusing (and not for the first time). The original insurance was via AA, and the renewal (i.e. same insurer) l was quoted was £713.  Something I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Calke Abbey

We went to Calke Abbey today which was fascinating.  It’s one of many old country houses in the UK, but what makes this unusual is that it has not been restored to immaculate condition, but has been preserved in the … Continue reading

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Petrol tanker strike muses

The government ask that people shouldn’t ‘panic buy’.  I’m not sure that that is a panic action, it’s entirely rational.  Many motorists rely on their car and need it to work.  So, the prospect of not being able to get … Continue reading

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Shadows of a plane on clouds

I saw a bizarre effect when on the plane to Edinburgh yesterday. The sun was behind the plane and there was an image of the sun (or at least a refraction circle that looked like the sun, but had rainbow … Continue reading

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Richer Sounds – more excellent technical support

The amp we use for our AudioVisual set-up recently got a bit ill.  There was sound coming out, but at dramatically reduced volume, and sounding awful.  When we bought it I got (against my normal practice) an extended warranty.  I … Continue reading

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