Excellent technical support from T-mobile

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on disappointing connection speed in the evening from my 3G model from T-Mobile web-n-walk.  I noted that I’d talk to T-mobile and update (which I’ll do).  But, I think the great experience of their technical support team deserves a post on it’s own.

Initial conversation with the front-line call-centre was feeling disappointing, including a couple of very long call wait times (>15 minutes as I recall).  But, when I was put through to their technical support line I became much more impressed.  They were knowledgeable, and were able to check the loading on the cell that I was connected to whilst I was on the phone.  They clearly knew what tey were talking about in depth, and with no impression of being hurried, and my inital poor disposition was completely reversed.  I needed to provide multiple example times which was understandable – but they have then followed up diligently, with the issue appearing fixed, and multiple calls to me to check that it is now working properly.  All in all, it was the type of service level that you hope to get, but very rarely do.

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