Richer Sounds – more excellent technical support

The amp we use for our AudioVisual set-up recently got a bit ill.  There was sound coming out, but at dramatically reduced volume, and sounding awful.  When we bought it I got (against my normal practice) an extended warranty.  I only bought it because the warranty because it was pretty cheap, offered all you money back if not used, and I thought we were organised enough to remember to ask for the money at the right time.  It turned out that the warranty still had 1 whole month of it’s 4 years to run, so I took it back to Richer Sounds in Nottingham where I got it.

It turned out that I had misread the warranty, and it was a total of 3 years, not 3 years on top of the manufacturers warranty.  But, in the same breath, the very knowledgeable guy in the store noted that since it was a Yamaha amp it would have a 2 year warranty as standard, so their warranty would cover 2 more and I was still OK.  So, without qualm he took it away, and then offered a stand-in unit since ‘he didn’t want me to be without anything until my unit was fixed’.  I hadn’t asked, and hadn’t expected it, but it was very welcome.

When I talked to the repair department yesterday they said that the unit was repairable, that they were waiting a part, and were going to contact the store to make sure I had a stand-in unit since they couldn’t say how long it would be to get the part.  So, not only had the store manager done it, but the repair shop was also concerned.

The net position?  I liked Richer Sounds a lot before this incident – so much more knowledgeable and helpful than any of the large stores.  As an example, this wasn’t the first amp I bought – the first didn’t handle lip sync properly, and Richer Sounds changed it for one that did with no quibbles or penalty at all.  This has absolutely lifted my view to the point where I’d pay a premium to get stuff there.  And, very unusually for me, pay for the extended warranty.  Dixons, Curry’s and the like have so so much to learn.

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