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Scrabbling with IPR

Prithvi just wrote a post deploring the actions of Hasbro against the facebook scrabble-a-like system called scrabulous.  His logic is that scrabulous is morally in the right given the misue of Intellectual Property Rights by Hasbro to defend a 77 … Continue reading

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Glue laminated beams in cork airport

Just in cork airport waiting for my plane. Terminal architecture can be super, and I love the huge curved wooden gluelam beams they have used here. In metal it would have been rather industrial; in wood it’s more like a … Continue reading

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Loch Hyne

Lovely stroll in the Irish countryside by the largest sea loch in Europe. .

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This could be tricky

Found the contact, but it’s going to be awful hard to get further as the switch is magnetic. I’ll try and short it out though. Worth a shot .

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Precision camera fixing

Sometimes you just have to improvise tools. This camera isn’t working at all, and is rather old but much loved. Also a good one to take on a boat by the kids this week. So, I’m having a crack at … Continue reading

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