Link to homemade Pesto sauce recipe

Sa’s Mum wanted the recipe for the Pesto sauce we made when she visited – you can find it here.  This was a trial with hydroponically grown red basil, and it was delicious.  Love the American sizes BTW – anyone want to guess what the right amount of basil is, when it is measured in ‘cups’ – is that compressed leaves, bouncy leaves, chopped leaves, something else?  I reckon you could have a 10:1 error by using different guesses – really, what is wrong with a weight?  Anyway, if anyone wants to try it, we packed the leaves in and it was lovely.  We also tried it with green (normal) basil at the same time – it was quite a different flavour.  The general view was that the red basil one was nicer than the green, but the green was super and much much better than some Asda shop-bought pesto we had around … though Alan disagreed and liked the shop-bought best.

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One Response to Link to homemade Pesto sauce recipe

  1. Rich says:

    You’re still wrong on the hydroponics kick Greg – go organic!

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