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Strange stocking in local supermarket

I like curries, and I know I’m not alone – it’s apparently the UKs favourite dish.  So, I am probably not unique in wanting to have a curry in the evening.  It therefore seems a reasonable thing to expect a … Continue reading

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Matter by Iain M Banks

I love reading Iain Banks science fiction books.  He is the writer of some of my all time favourite books – like The Algebraist, The player of Games, and Excession.  ‘Matter‘ is set in the same Culture civilisation as most … Continue reading

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Cyclicality is good

The impact of the economic cycle over the last month has been rather bumpy for commerce, in case anyone missed it.  We had several US institutions taken over, going bust and some rapidly changing status to avoid one of the … Continue reading

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Playing with underwater camera

I just bought a new pocket camera to replace the much loved olympus that expired in Ireland.  Time has moved on, and you can now get completely waterproof shock proof etc. cameras … so I got one (an Olympus Stylus … Continue reading

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Is democracy really the least worst option

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” Winston Churchill, 1947 The belief outlined by Churchill is very commonly held in the western world – to the … Continue reading

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