Travel fun

I got caught by a cancelled plane at Edinburgh yesterday.  There was another at 9pm (this was only 5pm), and I also spotted one to Cardiff that left at 7.  Since I wanted to be in Cardiff this morning, have a flat here anyway, and would have had to leave the house really early, I thought I’d just cut my losses and head straight down.  But, it did give an opportunity for a little bit of gentle fun with the travel desk.

I said I’d noticed that the plane was cancelled, and asked when there was another.  When told that it was 9pm, I asked if there was an earlier flight anywhere.  The woman told me that there was a flight to Cardiff at 7, but with a phrase like ‘Well there IS one to Cardiff …’ that clearly meant ‘What does it matter if there is a flight to anywhere else’.  She looked fairly surprised when I said, with what I hope was a laid back voice that I’d just go there instead.  I did explain after a moment, but her inital reaction was great.  A little naughty, but I couldn’t help myself since I could have barely set up the situation as well if I tried.

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