Useless free B&Q level – a waste of the worlds resources

We went to B&Q yesterday, and it turned out to be the weekend when the were celebrating the redesigned store, with 10% off everything.  Very nice.  They were also giving away some freebies – orange B&Q baseball caps and small pocket levels.  Sa thought the level was handy so picked one up.

She got it out in the car, to find it was a pen-sized aluminium section with a cut milled through one side and a bubble in that space.  I was surprised at the time that it could be made cheaply enough and still work with that design, as the milling was half-way through so the bar would have distorted, and they would have had to straighten it out again.

When we got home, we found that the reason it could be made cheaply enough was that it was utter junk.  The metal case had not been straightened at all, and put against a flat surface, there is a material gap :-
B&Q free spirit level

It’s about a millimetre in half the length, or 1 in 50. The typical dirt cheap level is 1 in 500-1000.  Put another way, as a level it’s useless, as it’s an order of magnitude worse than the cheapest level you’d choose to use.

So, clearly something for the trash.  But, I must admit that it offends me that it was ever made in any volume.  No-one will really appreciate it, it does nothing for B&Qs name, its just a simple waste of resources for no benefit whatsoever.

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