Stalin, Trotsky and misunderstood history

Alan is doing some GCSE history coursework on Russian history – Lenin, Stalin, the Soviet era and the like.  It was only in discussing it with him, and chalenging him on some points he made about Trotsky, that I realised that Trotsky was pretty much a good guy (at least vs. Stalin).  Stalin’s consistent, though apparently completely fictitious, demonisation plus my lack of knowledge has managed to leak through the decades to leave me with a completely incorrect view of that period.  I feel embarrased at my lack of knowledge – anyone know any good histories of the Soviet era?  I clearly need to get historied up!

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One Response to Stalin, Trotsky and misunderstood history

  1. oldrope says:

    Stalin and Trotsky continue to battle it out in the naked field of commerce!! I have seen them with my own eyes!

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