Fire alarms in flats

Well, the alarm seems to have stopped, at least for now.  It went off 40 minutes ago, and folks trooped out. After 20 mins, it went off, then started to cycle on and off every minute or two.  After a while I decided to come up for my wallet which I had forgotten the first time, and by the time I got to my flat it had stopped and stayed stopped.

So far so ordinary.  The thing that was surprising was that there seemed to be no-one in charge, either in person (which I didn;t really expect) or remotely.  The alarm panel said ‘in case of issue call …’ but that  number was permanently engaged.  No fire engine turned up in the first 25 minutes (I wouldfn;t have seen it after that).  I had a look at the zone, and went to have a look at the lift/lobby on the ground floor, but there was clearly no fire … but, all it all seems a little haphazard.

As an aside, if that was everyone who’s here at the moment, then this block would count as barely occupied – there are about 120 flats in this block, and there were about 40 people tops outside.

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