Theatrical lights for cool home use

We’ve been looking at lighting recently, and have been wondering about putting in some cool multi-colour lighting – a bit you can see in this video, though we want a little less of a ‘wall at a time’

Some investigation shows that systems designed for architectural use are pretty pricey – though not quite as outrageous as I was expecting.  But, I also discovered that systems designed for use in disco’s are amazingly cheap (for what they are).  For example, you can buy a multi-colour stage light for about £30 here.

It’s only rated at 15W, but you need to remember that it’s LED based, so that’s about the same as a 75W normal bulb.  I’ve ordered a couple to play with, as well as a cheap DMX controller (DMX is the control system for these lights).  If it works well, then I can get the effect we are after for about 1/5 of the cost of would otherwise be if we used ‘proper’ architectural units by buying these lights and breaking them up for the components.  And, there are plenty of other similar types of units to play around with.  Should be fun!

Update : The lights arrived and work really well.  I might try and gut one tomorrow to extract the components I need to build a test panel.  In the meantime, Sigue Sigue Sputnik F1-11 has been played loudly in the kitchen to try out the sound to light features – yes, dinner got cooked in a disco!

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4 Responses to Theatrical lights for cool home use

  1. alcorwalter says:

    thanks for the advice. i already buy some LED Par and i find your wall very attractive! I’m curious about to get a full lighting without highlights or shadows. would be great to get an explanation how to buid it! (with some pictures and plans like for sub-floor-woofer installation)

  2. Greg says:

    That’s pretty much what I had in mind. The answer to the lack of shadows etc. is to take the LED panel out of the PAR, remove the LEDs and remount on strips in the wall, then put the control gear in. At least tha’s the plan. I tried just a projected APR and it didn’t really look evenly spread enough. Two more PAR cans ordered, and we’ll do a disco for Kat first, then I’ll play. Watch this space!

  3. alcorwalter says:

    you’re in my bookmarks!

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