Linux load failure :-(

One of the common issues with experimentation is the failure to report tests that do not show the result you had expected.  Complementary medicine is noted as poor, but may just be a rather visible target.  I am as prone to mental biases as everyone else, but I do try to and be concious of them.  So, in that light,and as a big advocate of Linux, I feel the need to say that loading the latest version on Kubuntu onto one of the PCs at home today was a near disaster, and would have been if you couldn’t opersate it from the command line.

To be fair, you can check operation before loading anything.  Stupidly I chose not to.  When loaded I simply couldn’t start the window manager (KDE), even in safe mode.  Ironically, this is the first version of Kubuntu to have a safe mode … and it didn’t work.  I could boot into console mode (the old text mode interface straight from the 1970’s).  Once there i was able to do the old stand-by of updating the software, and that fixed the issue.  But, unless you were pretty unix literate this would have been a total stop, and time for heavy googling for hints (if you had another PC).  It’s not supposed to be like that any more, and in general it’s not – this is the first really silly I have had in a couple of years, whilst I have to fix some Windows oddity on the kids laptops every two or three months.  But, I was disappointed.

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