Bad science – part read review

I usually wait until finishing a book to jot down some thoughts.  But Bad Science by Ben Goldacre is such a gem that I’ll note it now.  It a fabulous take-down of pseudo-science, but also educates readers and is well written to boot.  Simply superb, even at only 50% read.  And, if you read blogs then his Bad science blog is also awesome (and has been on by must-read list as long as I can recall).

EDIT.  Having finished it, it only got better.  This book is in my top 5 ever, and I am inclined to buy it for pretty much everyone I know.  If you’ve ever wanted to be able to work the truth out for yourself on MMR, MRSA, drugs, homoeopathy as well as other stuff outside medicine then this is the book for you.  And, if you haven’t wanted to understand the truth in any of the above then this is REALLY the book for you.

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