Latest and greatest idea for bookcases

One of the projects that we’ve had on the go for quite a while is to create a proper library.  I should probably be specific here about what constitutes a proper library, apart from loads of books.  For me, it’s simple – you need to have bookcases high enough to need a ladder.  We also have a hankering to do an Art Deco designed room, and have been thinking for ages about how to do an appropriate bookcase, since most bookcases look, well, ordinary.  All vertical supports and shelves.  Very last year, darling, as Edna Mole might say (and lets face it, she has the coolest house ever)

Our great plan had been to use the horizontal lines of the shelves as the more dominant theme than the verticals of the supports, and have the shelves pierce the supports at the end (easier to draw then describe, but I’ve discarded this idea, so I shan’t bother).  My new, and far improved plan (if I do say so myself) is to go a little more steam-punk about it, and have a metal parabolic horizontal truss (think a very flat bridge, made from stainless or brass) from which the shelves are suspended, and onto which the ladder fixes.  The shelves then remain the dominant feature, as the intervening verticals disappear altogether.  The ends of the bookcase also then become much more structural, which gives space to be inventive about design there too.  There might be a floor loading issue if the load really does all come down at the ends, but I’m sure I can hide some reinforcing bars behind the back to allow the load to be a little more distributed.

Clearly, lots more finessing to be done, but I am delighted with this latest plan.

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3 Responses to Latest and greatest idea for bookcases

  1. Bookshelves are hot. You should totally post pictures of your ideas.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Greg, You’ve lost me. Sounds very Greg/Sara but what is “steam-punk” (I’m showing my age) and what is a “horizontal parabolic truss”? I understand the words but cannot see how a horizontal truss can support a vertical load. If the ladder is supported on this truss and it’s parabolic, wouldn’t the ladder be nearer to the wall/shelves in the middle of the truss than at the end? When you have a picture or “blueprint” I would be most interested to see it. Keep the grey matter working.

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