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Climate change – financial crisis doesn’t bode well

I avoid commenting on the current turmoil in the financial markets, since I work for a financial institution.  But, beyond the immediate distractions of this year, it’s been fascinating to see how the world has reacted to the causes and … Continue reading

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De Dietrich disappointment (not)

When we bought our current house we had the kitchen redone –  matter of some urgency since the existing one was outright dangerous.  We decided to dig deep and have a really nice kitchen, with prestige brand appliances (mostly Kuppersbusch).  … Continue reading

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Most interesting stuff from 2008

I read a lot of stuff, mostly using google reader to follow a fairly large number of feeds efficiently.  Google reader allows you to share some articles in a individual re-feed, and I do this for stuff that really tickles … Continue reading

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Improbable car luggage

I am feeling a tiny bit embarrassed.  As I walked back tonight I passed two women who were trying to put a large box in the boot of a salon car.  When I say large, I mean a square cardboard … Continue reading

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Cool bookcases

EDIT – worked out what was wrong with the images.  They all linked to an image cache used by T-mobile when you are on a 3G link, as I was when I wrote the first post.  But, when editing in … Continue reading

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