Cool bookcases

EDIT – worked out what was wrong with the images.  They all linked to an image cache used by T-mobile when you are on a 3G link, as I was when I wrote the first post.  But, when editing in wordpress it appears it has a local image cache, so it still worked.

I’m surprised, as I muse on building the bookcase I posted on last, how few variants I’ve seen on the basic form you see a million times over.  Idle searches have turned up not a lot, so I thought I’d go and look harder and keep a record for next time I try to find them :-

The double Helix :-

The v-split :-

The REK expandable :-

From the school of impractical installation art, the infinity bookcase :-

Loads on the bookshelf blog

Curves :-

… and ladder shelves – nicely made, but a bit boring :-

Superb tall shelves with built in sliding stairs – now there’s an idea I might play with :-

Rolling the boat out so far you can’t see it any more, try this

Something a little more basic, but still cool :-

More curves :=

Angles :-

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