Improbable car luggage

I am feeling a tiny bit embarrassed.  As I walked back tonight I passed two women who were trying to put a large box in the boot of a salon car.  When I say large, I mean a square cardboard box a metre to each side.  And by saloon car, I mean a completely ordinary car with an old-fashioned boot.  The ‘slot’ in the boot was all of 0.5 metres high, and an inspection from a range of a mile or two would have shown that the box would not fit in the car in any way shape or form.  And yet, whilst I walked past, I watched them for maybe a minute struggling to try various orientations to see if it would fit – it was so silly it wouldn’t even make good television.

I’m embarrassed since I didn’t stop to help … but to be honest I just couldn’t think of what to say!  I wonder if they are still there?

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