3D films – I’m a convert

We just went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.  The film itself was good lighthearted fun, with the normal jokes running at multiple levels.  But the 3D was superb.  I don’t mean the parts where things flew out of the screen – in fact those bits were a bit annoying since the illusion broke down a bit.  I mean the magic of a deeply immersive experience that left me feeling like DVD/blu-ray films just miss something.  The generation of the 3D itself was pretty much bullet-proof, with full colour bright images – a far cry from the green and red goggles of old.

I’m also delighted that it’s a technology that makes it fundamentally hard to video in a cinema – most of the copyright theft prevention activities has been horribly ham-fisted and treated everyone as guilty (not even until proved innocent if moguls had their way).  This is harder to copy (not impossible I suspect – but harder) – but along the way it provides a better experience.

So, if you’ve any attraction to the Toy story/Shrek type films, then I’d encourage you to find a 3D capable cinema and go enjoy yourself.  And, as for films at home – well blu-ray is still great, but I can see a technology update coming down the tracks at some point for home 3D

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