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Bogosity antenna tweaked – Liquid oxygen drops

I can never quite resist looking at the glossy magazines that lie around airports and planes.  Not that I plan to buy anything, but it’s intruiging to see how stuff is positioned.  Trouble is when you hit an ‘oh surely … Continue reading

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Much much better dinner

Dinner the night before last was the other end of the scale from day 1. Not that it was the best food we’ve ever had (the fat duck takes the honours there, snail porridge and all). But, the food was … Continue reading

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Chilling in the sun (really)

I am not, in general, someone who likes lounging around in the sun. For one thing, as whatever the male equivalent of an English rose is, unless I am caked in suncream, drink gallons, and cool down frequently, then I … Continue reading

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Worst meals we´ve ever had

How much can you pay for a reasonable fish meal?  Well, we just paid 75 quid.  Not that the whole meal was great – the salad was old and tired, and the bread was inedible.  To be fair, it wasn`t … Continue reading

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Newspaper retractions and Stephen Hawking

It’s been fairly widely reported that as part of the US healthcare debate the Investors Business Daily wrote that:- “People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn’t have a chance in the UK, where the National Health Service would say the … Continue reading

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