Bogosity antenna tweaked – Liquid oxygen drops

I can never quite resist looking at the glossy magazines that lie around airports and planes.  Not that I plan to buy anything, but it’s intruiging to see how stuff is positioned.  Trouble is when you hit an ‘oh surely the can’t be serious’ moment.  And, once you start it’s hard to stop.  Lets start with the most in-your-face … on the trip home from Portugal this week, we had the following in the EasyJet glossy

Liquid oxygen drops

Liquid oxygen drops eh.  There is a long and not particularly distinguished history of nonsense of this sort – see here for a fair cross-section.  The actual text is so obviously full of nonsense that I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for it.  Concentrated Oxygen molecules eh – how does that work? Not a food or a pharmaceutical?  So, they make a point of not being bound by the regulations for either then!  … but I’m sure that easyJet don’t waste space.  I think they should feel somewhat ashamed for deliberately misleading people.

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One Response to Bogosity antenna tweaked – Liquid oxygen drops

  1. Michael Hoskins says:

    The oxygen IS concentrated…into the water molecules. And it uses sodium chloride.

    Overpriced saline, yum!

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