Chillies are better than lettuce

That may not qualify as the most insightful comment ever, but what I mean is that in terms of the garden this year, I am vastly more pleased with the haul of chillies than the lettuce and similar leafy stuff.  Not that the leafy stuff didn’t work well, it’s just that I’m never that keen on it anyway, and to be honest, only wild rocket tastes any better than what can be bought in Asda for far less than the cost of growing it (when time is included).  We had load of tomatoes as well, though even that feels about a wash – they taste lovely, but, for example, the effort that goes into making a tomato sauce only goes to show how efficient farming is vs. growing your own … and one meal can use a vast amount of toms as well (mind you at times that is what is required – we’ve had hundreds).

But, the chillies have been and continue to be awesome.  We’ve had fresh chillies in curries all summer, and you can really taste the difference (well, all right, I believe you can – I’ve not done blind test).  And, pleasingly hot – much more than halpenos for example. And, from three plants, we still have a huge number to try drying out, and more still growing :-

Chillies on a string for drying

We were also playing with watering systems (see here) this year.  I have to say that in the end the micro-irrigation in the greenhouse was not the success we hoped for. It was hard to adjust for the varying evaporation rates of the plants as they grew, and the effect of the heat of the day that also varied the rate – things got baked or drowned unless we tweaked all the time, which defeats the point.  Slightly better than using a watering can, but not by much.  So, one challenge for next year is to suss out a mechnism for maintaining a relatively constant moisture level, not a constant water volume.

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