Time was when decent screens were expensive

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We have been looking for a small TV for the study – nothing flash, just a wee one that has a digital tuner.  As it happens the monitor that is linked to the computer in the study is rather old – a 1024×768 resolution Sony (it was good at the time!).  So, rather on impulse in CostCo we bought a combined monitor/Digital TV, for about £250.  It’s actually a full HD screen, so has a resolution of 1980×1080 – or roughly three time the old screen.    And, I have to say that it’s gorgeous.  It’s quite nice to look at even switched off – Samsung have got that cracked.  But, running at full res. on the PC it’s a revalation.  I’m, sure that half the reason that big apple screens look as good is because of simply a great high res screen.  Awesome.  And £250, whilst still a reasonable amount of cash, feels like a bargin.
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Samsung P2270HD

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