Canadian roadtrip ‘plan’

We have a couple of weeks off now, with half-term for the kids and no exams coming up, a fair amount of holiday yet to take for me this year, and no annoying over-running work at home that prevents us getting away.  In customary (for us) fashion, we were still knocking all sorts of destinations and ideas about on Saturday, with an aim to sort out logistics by the end of the day and leave on Monday.  It may sound rather close to the wire, but it does allow some interesting options like checking the weather before you decide.  Ok, ok, thats a post-hoc rationalisation of the reality that we like going where the fancy takes us, and planning ahead makes it feel like it isn’t a holiday.  Even one and a half days ahead feels a little organised, but there are limits on how far you can push it!

The extent of our planning thus far is to fly to Toronto on Monday, pick up an RV on Tuesday morning, and head broadly across the top of Lake Superior, towards Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.  Winnipeg is 2222 km from Toronto which has a nice round feel to it, but we do need to get back again, so we might not go that far.  It was quite entertaining booking the RV, as the guy I was talking to when I said ’20th October’ said ‘next year?’, and I said I really meant next Tuesday.  We did a slight compromise between something that was basically the size of a coach, and something that we might have half a chance of driving through towns – hence the 29 foot model below.


Right, all we have to do now is get up awfully early and head for Heathrow.

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