Random thoughts from Canada

A few random thoughts from the first couple of days :-

  • CN Tower really is very very high.  We went right to the upper platform, 446m above sea level, and the tops of even high skyscrapers look a long way down
  • The glass floor in the CN tower makes youthink twice.  It may be strong enough for a brace of hippos, or somesuch statistic, but your heart tells you that looking straight down a third of a kilometre with nothing but clear glass to hold your feet up isn’t something your brain has evolved to handle.  But, top marks to Alan and Sa, both of whom claim they hate heights, for lying on the floor looking downwards! (we have the photos to prove it)
  • img_4805.jpg

  • A Winnebago RV makes the average American car, with it’s dreadful handling, feel like a rally car.  And, it squeeks annoyingly when driven.  But, it’s remarkably civilised and spacious when stationary (especially with an electrically extending side wall)
  • The curry powder you can get in the foodstore of a Canadian town of 1300 people is mis-sold as having anything at all to do with curry (we should have known that really)
  • Canadians are to a fault lovely people – not just polite, but interested and helpful
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