Thunder Bay

It is fortunate that we had defined the purpose of this trip as the journey, and not the destination.  We got to the point we decided to turn around today, a waterfall called Kakabeka falls, about 20km West of Thunder Bay, and 850 miles from when we set off.  It’s fair to say that the gorge would indicate that when in flood it must be impressive … but at this time of the year the water flow is stunningly slow – it is interesting to see the geology though

Kakabeka falls

Kakabeka Gorge

We’ve had a small taste of the winter – a couple of days ago it rained all night, but seemed to stop in an hour or two before we got up – it turned out that it simply changed to snowing, and we got up to a fairly chilly morning (Sa was remembering that just about her only definition of what a good break would look like was ‘somewhere hot’ and was trying to think how she had thought Canada qualifed).  We then drove through lovely vistas of snow covered trees for several hours.  Whilst it looked great, the downside of the sub-zero nights is that mains water feeds in the campsites are now turned off, so I had to fill the RV water tanks by hand this evening – a slightly longer process than it need have been since I had to do it from a tap in the main building, 4 litres at a time … and we, have a 120 litre tank that was only 1/3 full.  But, chatting to someone who lives here year-round she said that a mild winter is 3-4 feet of snow and a ‘normal’ winter is 6-8 feet.  So, the dusting that we had (an inch or two) doesn’t really count at all.


In closing for now, it’s worth mentioning the slightly surreal moment this morning, when we got up and walked to site office for breakfast.  There were a couple of hunters next who had a freshly shot moose hung up from a small digger, and were skinning it, not Kat’s top sight of the day!


Edit : Added photos now on fast internet!

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