Time to head for home

The time has come, as it does in all trips, to call time and head home.  And, whilst we’ve had a great time, with 2000 miles done in a 30 foot RV with very undamped suspension, we feel we’re done travelling for this trip.  Last time I posted was as we turned around at Thunder Bay; since then we’ve returned all the way back to Toronto, and on a little bit further to visit the Niagara Falls.

The trip back gave us more snow, with 3-4 inches at Nays (mid-way along the top of Lake Superior) – that allowed for a simply gorgeous walk down towards Nays Point, where we were the only people about – the only other tracks we saw in the snow were deer, moose, and other smaller animals.


We also decided that it was quite possibly the best snow we had ever experienced for making snowballs.  We then had a beautiful drive back down the East side of Lake Superior, marred only by being pulled in by the Canadian Police, who informed us that Sa and I had managed between us to get confused about who was paying for fuel, and had simply driven off.  I think it was fairly obvious that we weren’t trying to ‘gas and dash’ since we had pootled on, stopping to see the sites and have lunch – not really a ‘dash’ (not that you could in this bus – above 60 miles per hour feels pretty brave).  Very nicely, they took the relevant amount of cash and said they’d give it to a car returning past the fuel station and drop it off (photo after they left!)


There was hardly any traffic at all on the road – it would be typically several minutes between cars coming the other way, and we didn’t see anything on our side apart from when we got stopped for 20 minutes behind an overturned car.  When we set out, we had read that the north of Lake Superior was a gorgeous drive; having done it we’d vote the East better.


The day before yesterday, we set of from Sault Saint Marie for the about 240+ mile trip towards Britt, with a theory for going slightly further if time allowed.  We were making good time, so decided to go for it and head for a camp ground near where we got the RV, so making the trip to Niagara the next day shorter.  But, when we arrived there, despite  being said to be open, it was deserted, with an envelope containing a bar-code allowing you to get past the gate … and when inside we found burned-out electrics and no water, and a feeling that we were in some kind of horror film and would be picked off one by one through the night.  I know it sounds silly, but we all felt it independently, and whilst the gate was still open we decided to leave quickly before being trapped.  I won’t name the camp-ground since I’m sure it’s a lovely place normally, when there are people there, not just spooky looking corn dollies.  We decided that we’d head off for another camp-ground, by now feeling quite confident in our navigation.  Quite foolishly it would appear.  We couldn’t find the first two camp grounds, and ended up only 50 miles from Niagara, having done 490 miles in the day.  But, the night-time team navigation was quite entertaining.

Yesterday we spent the day at Niagara, and it really is pretty cool, even if there is a huge amount of tacky stuff around.  The Victoria Falls felt better, if anything just because it was less built-up, with elephants fording the river just upstream.  But, the amount of water at Niagara was huge, and it was fun to get down to right at the bottom of the falls in the spray.  Handy to have a waterproof camera for that!



(You can see the viewing platform position below)


It was also interesting to see the effort lavished on the power stations, with Ionic columns at the front of a huge building … seems that the Victorian fascination with large engineering was present in Canada as well (I suppose it was a British Colony/dependancy in 1905).


Now all that remains to do is return the RV, head for the airport and on to home.  A really enjoyable impromptu trip, though I think we are all looking forward to our own beds.

Edit : Linked in photos and fixed name of columns

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