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Pleasing fix to MP3 player

We’ve had an iAudio X5 MP3 player for a year or three, and it’s done great service.  Now runs RockBox rather than its rather naff basic software, and still a great sound quality, and with a 30Gb hard disk, loads … Continue reading

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e-mail – nails, mirrors, and the Pascal-Einstein Condensate

Email.  It’s a curse, of course, and like all real world curses, not one you could manage without.  The pain of handling it came up at a meeting at work recently; it’s a very very busy time, and the resulting … Continue reading

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Clock cases hide the elegance

I’ve always loved the simple elegance of a pendulum clock mechanism.  But, clocks commonly hide in huge cases, which hide the mechanism away.  So, in our newly decorated drawing room we thought we’d have a clock out in the open … Continue reading

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Oh dear – Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I bought Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell on impulse on the way to Canada – it was 4 for 3, and I had the three books I wanted, so added this one … look, such poor form, … Continue reading

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The Alexandria Quartet (and Hitchhikers)

I was somewhat ambitious on the book front when we were in Canada, taking five with me, and then succumbing in the airport and buying another three that took my fancy.  That was never going to work, but in the … Continue reading

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