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e-bay selling – what took me so long?

It has taken us many years to try listing something on e-bay … but I am trying to work out why it took me so long.  I sorted out the camera cupboard last weekend, and though that I might as … Continue reading

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Dappy; How stupid would you have to be

I don’t normally have any more contact with celebrity news than I can manage (sadly that doesn’t mean none).  But the story (see here and here) about Dappy from N-Dubz sending threatening texts to someone who texted radio 1 is … Continue reading

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First sous vide experiment

I was reading about Sous Vide cooking over the Christmas holiday.  Sous vide is French for ‘under vacuum’, and refers to a cooking technique of cooking food in vacuum packaging, in a waterbath.  Basically like ‘boil- in-the-bag’, but rather than … Continue reading

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Sledging in Wollaton Park

Well, travel may be hazardous, but the sledging is excellent.  Kat and her friends were at Wollaton park today, along with many many others. Photos here – includes loads of Kat and friends for those who are in my Flickr … Continue reading

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10% saved from online energy vs. electronic bills

Over the break we reviewed where we spend money, and one of the things we looked at was our electricity and gas supply. It turned out that Eon (aka Powergen of old) was the best supplier which was handy as … Continue reading

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