10% saved from online energy vs. electronic bills

Over the break we reviewed where we spend money, and one of the things we looked at was our electricity and gas supply. It turned out that Eon (aka Powergen of old) was the best supplier which was handy as that was who we were already with. But, it turned out that they had an online account that was 9.5% cheaper than the regular account – that’s great but it feels a bit of a swiz, since we have had electronic billing for ages, so the difference between the old and new accounts is minute. We also signed up for a fixed price until early 2011, since I couldn’t see energy prices getting materially cheaper, and that saved another 9%. So, almost 1 pound in 5 cheaper … and that adds up to a fairly material saving for no change in supply.

So, if you haven’t checked supplier and package recently, its well worth checking it out.

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