Sledging in Wollaton Park

Well, travel may be hazardous, but the sledging is excellent.  Kat and her friends were at Wollaton park today, along with many many others.


Photos here – includes loads of Kat and friends for those who are in my Flickr friends and family groups.  There was a huge variety of sledges, from plastic through classical bend wood frame, to all manner of home-brews. For many, the goal seemed to be to see how many riders you could get on one sledge – loved the three folks below, on one small and surprisingly strong sledge.


There were of course loads of spills, though remarkably, that the injury rate appeared to be pretty low. Good example below of what happens if you try and slide down on a kiddies see-saw.


And, folks of all ages, including one who looked about one.


Not a terribly productive afternoon, but good fun.

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One Response to Sledging in Wollaton Park

  1. skepticat says:

    Gorgeous pics and a very nice blog.

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