Dappy; How stupid would you have to be

I don’t normally have any more contact with celebrity news than I can manage (sadly that doesn’t mean none).  But the story (see here and here) about Dappy from N-Dubz sending threatening texts to someone who texted radio 1 is almost surreal in its silliness.  In summary, he copied down the number of someone texting to the radio studio, then rang and sent threatening text messages including death threats.  All because they sent in a message saying he was vile and was a little boy with a silly hat (and he does have a very silly hat).

At what point did Dappy (aka Dino Contostavlos which somehow doesn’t sound quite so cool) think that writing down the number of someone texting a radio show was a smart plan?  For Radio One it is a breach of data protection law (this cannot be the purpose for which the information was being stored!)… not sure what law Dappy broke, but it was certainly stupid

How was sending threatening text messages ever going to turn out well for him?  Even assuming he was justified he would immediately be a hostage to fortune.  Especially as someone whose band is an ambassador of beatbullying.

And, I have to say that every time I see N-Dubz I despair about how they can be seen as good enough to be playing in a pub, much less in stadiums.  I’m with Ms. Moody … though I wouldn’t go as far as vile.  I’d just have him flagged as a short person, who wears stupid hats that still fail to distract from a lack of good looks.  And, if he has any skill, he hides it well.

As an aside, Wikipedia might have its flaws, but I love how up to date it is (see here).  Britannica wouldn’t have had an article on Dappy, and it certainly wouldn’t include news an hour earlier than the BBC news feed!

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