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Arrogance (Mr Cameron je t’accuse)

I have been struck over many years, both in private corporate interactions and public pronouncements, how much arrogance some people show, and how often it has nothing to do with competence.  I was reminded of this today in the pronouncements … Continue reading

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What is the attraction in winter sports?

I suspect that at most times I could give a reasonably coherent argument is support. It would involve concepts like flowing ‘in the zone’ moments, active relaxation, good exercise and the great outdoors. Right now is not one of those … Continue reading

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A stitch in time might have been useful

I am doing a considerably better job of boarding this year than the first time we went. Mind you, ‘better’ needs a bit of qualification since I broke my arm on day one last time. This time I’ve picked up … Continue reading

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Why is hotel internet such rubbish?

It’s a rhetorical question – I know about the economics that make provision a feature, but where any sensible bandwidth is close to an optional extra (except that I have only once seen such an option). But, it doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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Building a sous vide temperature controller

As I’ve noted before (here), I am intrigued with sous vide cooking at the moment.  But, to do it properly you need a precision water bath, and they are pretty expensive (like over £1000) … more than I can justify … Continue reading

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