Why is hotel internet such rubbish?

It’s a rhetorical question – I know about the economics that make provision a feature, but where any sensible bandwidth is close to an optional extra (except that I have only once seen such an option). But, it doesn’t stop it being hugely frustrating. We are away skiing and snowboarding this week, and I just spent €2 on 30 mins access to check email … And just seeing my email took a fair percentage of that time. Chance of them getting a single cent more – that would be zero.

From inspection, I think that the hotel are suffering the same challenge that many hotels seem to have – a 3rd party who offered to install internet, wifi etc, offering the hotelier a cut of the sales. The challenge here is that technology moves on, but the hotelier is no longer in charge of an important part of their service, so if it sucks, so do they, and there is little that they can do about it. I also know that the economics of hotels can be pretty dicey, so I can see that attraction. But, it does feel a Faustian bargin.

What I can’t understand is why the vendors don’t now put in slightly faster links – I’m guessing that with most of their capital costs sunk, they could do with every euro they can get … So having such poor service that they get hardly any seems silly. And very irritating.

This posted via ‘post by email’ from my work blackberry – which works just as well as normal, showing that it isn’t just the location.

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