A stitch in time might have been useful

I am doing a considerably better job of boarding this year than the first time we went. Mind you, ‘better’ needs a bit of qualification since I broke my arm on day one last time. This time I’ve picked up a few months worth of bangs and bashes, but am getting a bit more skilled – enough to get down a red/black run without damage. Kat, who is back to boarding this year, is miles better than me, so though we started in the same lesson, I’ve moved myself down to the not quite a beginner section – quite apart from anything else, two days of the original lessons had created enough aches and pains for the week already! I’m glad I did, since it sounds like Kats lesson went up a gear today, with jumps, moguls in deeper snow and more complex sections in switch (i.e. Riding with your non-natural foot forwards). My new group was spot on for the slightly achy! I’m rather wondering about skiing, since Sa has fallen once in three days … I did that in the first proper hour.

And the stitch in time? Well, Al and I went down a blue run this afternoon, and when I got to the bottom I discovered that 3 seams had come apart on my jacket. Nothing against the jacket there – I’ve had a few fairly long slides on my front at a fair amount of speed, including one on that run when I hit an icy patch, and the outer threads have been simply worn down. Since there was nothing else wrong with the jacket, I’ve just spent 90 minutes stitching it back together. Mind you, it would have been hard to stitch before it had ripped, with all sorts of hidden liner layers to snag – so maybe in this case a stitch in time would have saved about 0.5 time equivalent stitches later – somehow doesn’t sound as snappy as the original. But, I’ve used up my patience, since hand stitching when you are already aching is not top of my holiday list.

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