A new meal every day

Late last year, Sa decided that we were having too many meals that were, well the same as ones we had loads of times before .. and to many that were ‘well, what have we got in’ as well.  So, starting in November, we switched to trying a new recipe pretty much every day.  I say we, but I should give credit where credit’s due – I have done nothing, this was and is all Sara’s doing

So, four months further on, how is it going?  Well, we were tallying up over dinner tonight :-

  • We have had about 5 meals in that time that have been repeats of something we have had before … and all but one of those have been new recipes we have tried in the last 4 months.
  • We have had about 8-10 that have been a bit iffy, including 2 or 3 that were frankly horrible
  • … but about the same number that have been superb or mouth watering. Net position has been more than half better than I would look for in a reasonable restaurant.
  • It takes Sa an hour or two each week to find the recipes
  • … but we have switched to online ordering pretty much completely, and the time saved is about the same.
  • We’ve also got much more balance, with fish, vegetarian, meat and poultry at least once a week
  • We are throwing away massively less food that just goes off in the fridge since we have what we need, not what we think we might want.  The difference here is huge – we’ve probably dropped the waste food amount by an order of magnitude
  • We are enjoying routine cooking more, and also getting more practice, so knocking things up is so much easier

All in, it has been an outstanding success, and after four months it feels like we can say it isn’t just a fad that will pass.

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