New idea for a cooking challenge

There are so many cooking challenges, but they are often just variations on a theme. Well we came up with a new one, and one that provides an automatic handicap for more experienced chefs and a special handicap for kitchen gadget collectors.

The idea is to challenge people to make a meal whose preperation must use every kitchen implement they have. But, as soon as they would normally clean something they must stop using it. So, students, with their limited culinary skills and equipment might find this not too tricky. But, the serious amateur chef might find themselves very pressured on basics like pans before they had managed to find a constructive way to use all their flan tins and lemon zesters; having a melon baller but no clean knife to cut the melon; a dirty mixer before they had used every mixer blade.

They should be pleased – the effort of thinking about something they enjoy against an entirely new set of constraints might bring out bursts of creativity and food contrasts.

It could be a head to head race. Loser gets to wash up!

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