I’ve just played a whimsical adventure game called Machinarium.  I was reminiscing about a game called Grim Fandango that I played years ago, and found a link suggesting that Machinarium, released last year, would appeal.  It’s not the same scale as a Grim Fandango, and has a few too many pure board-game type logic puzzles, but I enjoyed it, and would recommend it.  Visually it’s awesome.  When played it really does look like the shot below :-

It’s actually written in Flash, making it easily the coolest and most playable game I have ever in Flash.  Available as a direct download for about £12 – well worth while, and it will take you back to the glory days of graphical adventures.  I do wish someone would really do a few new adventures – they remain my favourite types of computer games by quite a distance.

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