I hate to-do lists – any ideas?

I find to-do lists are pretty annoying, especially at home, even though they feel like they should be valuable.  What bugs me most is that if that the more you try and list all the tasks, the worse it makes you feel … and the point at which it makes you feel hopeless lax and disorganised feels to us to be well before the point at which it is really useful.  In addition, whilst there are loads of techniques for using time well etc., they don’t seem to be plumbed into to-do list managers at any useful level.

So, I’ve been musing a bit on a tool that actually helped you feel good about the stuff that you get done, not bad about what you don’t get done.  And, something that will help manage what you do in a way that is based on techniques for being productive, not some ghastly bodge of a calander, and a vast bow-wave of to-dos endlessly rolling forward.

I’ve not found anything really good yet, but it can’t be a new idea – anyone know of anything that works well?  Either tools or techniques for using established tools?  Remember, the goal is to feel good whilst being productive with ones own time, not the other way around!

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