Mystery stamps

Sara has been getting back into her stamp collection (each to their own – I cannot suss out the attraction [she has just seen me type this and it seems that comment deserved comment about what I spend my time doing!]).

Anyway, she has three stamps that she cannot identify anywhere – any clues, or views on sites that might help identify them?

Unknown 5D stamp

Unknown 30D stamp

Unknown 10D stamp

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3 Responses to Mystery stamps

  1. David Laughlin says:

    You shouldn’t leave things like this lying around to distract me. Iran, 1939, Royal Wedding.


    • Greg says:

      Excellent – thanks Dave (Sa says how did you suss it out?)

      • David Laughlin says:

        After having a few intelligent guesses (OK, they couldn’t have been that intelligent as they didn’t get me anywhere) and trying to find a site that showed Arabic script from stamps, I alighted on The International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors site , which has a Worldwide Stamp Identifier.

        It lists “D (with Arabic script)” as Iran – of course I’d been “ignoring” the D as part of the denomination – and then it was just a case of looking through some catalogues. There are one or two images of the whole set around.


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