Excellent : Sulphite level labelling on wine

If you are someone with an issue with sulphites in wine (clue : it’s like bad hayfever, though can be up to migrane level – see previous post here) then like me you have probably hit the labelling issue on wines.  They all say ‘contains sulphites’, which is of little or no use given that what I want to know is how much they contain (pretty much every wine contains sulphites).

I have previously posted (here) that a good supplier for low sulphite wine is goodwineonline.  Well, they have a new innovation (well, one I just noticed anyway).  They are starting to label the free sulphur level in their wines, either measured, or as ‘low’, ‘very low’ and the like.  An excellent innovation, and the first genuinely new and useful contribution to wine retailing that I have seen in years – makes picking on-line now much better than a shop.  They also remain fast, efficient, and everything else you’d look for.  So, count me as a fan.

They also have some new ‘no sulphite’ wines, and they sent me a couple of bottles to try (disclosure – they sent them free, so if you are a hardened conspiracy theorist then you can disregard the following as bound to be biased).  You can find them here.

Sulphite free wines can be pretty poor, but these clearly weren’t.  The red, once it had breathed in a decanter for half an hour or so, was very smooth and rich – I can see us buying this in future.  The white also needed to breath – the website explains this as a function of being sulphite free – after which it was undoubtedly good, though not really my cup of tea (Sa liked it much more than me; if I drink white at all if is Sauvignon Blanc).  At £19/bottle it probably deserved a drinker who liked this type of wine more – my top white, that gives me no issues on sulphites remains Bauduc s Bordeaux Blanc though I see that they are completely out of stock now!  But, if you like these sorts of whites then it was clearly pretty good.

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