Aiming for the dog poo

Yesterday we set off on a bike ride through the woods near Clumber Park.  Nothing very technical in general, but good fun.  At one point (not strictly in Clumber Park) we found a pretty steep downhill slope, that was clearly used by bikes from time to time. If it had been completely dry it would have been a little tricky but fine.  With a fair degree of sliding, I managed to cycle down, even with panniers on the bike.  Sa, Alan and Kat thought it was safer to walk it, but for Alan it would appear not!  Luckily he managed to find a soft landing.  Unluckily, it was very very soft – he managed to hit a pile of dog poo half way up the hill (you have to ask what dog would stop there).  Not quite the photo I had intended to take, but here is Alan at the end of the fall …

Alan hitting the dog poo

I say hit, as if he had a glancing contact with it.  Actually, he rolled so hard through it that it not only covered the back of his fleece …

A dirty jacket

… but also went through to his shirt …

And a dirty back

Apart from doggy doo hill, we also found some deep ditches across the forest tracks that took a bit of traversing – clearly designed to stop cars, and probably most motorbikes, but fairly good for bicycles as well.



It was pretty hard to get through, especially for Kat, who had worn flat soled shoes – not ideal for mud …

But, though A’s cycling stuff was consigned to the far reaches of the car for the trip home, it was agreed by all to be the best family bike ride we’ve ever had, and we are thinking of heading back there tomorrow.

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