What was worth reading?

Web feeds seem to have fallen out of favour somewhat – I’m not sure why a they still work well as a method of getting pretty close the personalised newspaper that was always in the ‘what will the world look like in year X’ type predictions.  Of course, many of the 53,145 things that Google Reader tells me I have read in the last three years were not worth reading twice (and sadly, often not once).  In 2008 I wrote a summary of the dozen or so things I had read that I enjoyed the most (see here), and thought I had done last year as well (appears not).  I thought I’d do the same for 2010.

Worth starting with something else that it right out of the pages of ‘In the future we’ll have devices that X’ – take a look at possibly one of the best apps for the iphone I’ve ever seen here.  Also good to see how one can use tools to re-find a lost phone – look here (and maybe worry about stalking?)

I’m also a sucker for cool videos and the like that people have cooked up for themselves. Three that stood out were a version of Transformers here, the best graffiti ever here, and this animation in Google documents.

Sadly, Benoit Mandlebrot died – one of the very few people who REALLY understood why we have crashes in stock-markets, as well as the inventor of one of the best known mathematical pictures ever.

Then there is nonsense like homoeopathy.  I try not to take the hook.  I try to just ignore it.  But. just. can’t. let. go.  So, sweeping it all up in one easy to use reference table, try this.

And a few others that tickled my fancy as I went back over the last year – the Baba Yetu fountain, Axis of Awesome here, and the biggest explosion in the history of the universe here (200 times the mass of our sun turned into radiation almost instantly), and a cool complaints letter on parking here.

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