Do Metro writers not engage their brain?

I picked up a copy of the Metro this morning.  One of the items noted that staged car crashes are at a new high, with ‘more than one in 20 motorists believing that they have been a victim in the last two years’.  I wasn’t sure what the rate of accidents in cars is, but this stood out as almost certainly complete rubbish, since it feels several times higher what I’d expect for ALL accidents, whether staged or not.  So, I looked at the Liverpool Victoria press release that was quoted (here) … and lo and behold (and no surprise) the real figure was 1 in 20 CLAIMANTS, not 1 in 20 MOTORISTS.  So, not only was the item a straight copy of a press-release, the ‘author’ didn’t even manage to get that right, failing to apply a common sense filter.  They must have spent time to edit the release down to the few sentences that were in the paper – why couldn’t they have spent ten seconds on the only statistic they used, which stood out like a sore thumb as almost certainly wrong.

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