Tempting fate

When we went skiing/snowboarding last year, by this stage I had accumulated so many bruises that I could only walk with a quasimodo stoop , never mind boarding. So, being on the slopes this afternoon was an improvement. I am of course tempting fate, with one day left.

Mind you, it was a bit of a tame recovery day today. Yesterday, after a full morning of off-piste and early afternoon, Kat and I went with some friends on what turned out to be a 15-20km round trip to the very top of the valley and back. Some superb long steep red runs that were a little bumpy and icy. And probably a kilometer or more off piste in powder, on not a terribly steep slope, which was hard work on a board. Kat, of course made lighter work of them, and the two skiiers, both very good, had no trouble at all. But, it took a while, so finding that the lifts had stopped, and the way home was a several kilometer basically flat and narrow path was most unwelcome, and basically after a hard day, completely shattering. I don’t really know how far it was, it might have only been a kilometer or so, but it felt like a hundred miles. Kat and I eventually got to civilisation, and bussed home. Today, of course, she bounced up fine, and I can still feel it – the benefits of being a teenager eh!

Anyway, last day tomorrow; here’s hoping for nothing too badly bent.

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