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GU10 – winner is now LED

This time last year I wrote a post (see here) on GU10 bulbs that we use in our kitchen, noting that after many tries to find LED bulbs to replace the halogen ones, we had settled on compact fluorescents.  Well, … Continue reading

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The incredible part is not the food

I’ve watched two of the Heston Blumenthal ‘incredible challenge‘ programmes now, the first on airplane food, and the second on submarine catering.  There was the normal slightly wacky thoughts at the start – sufficiently far out that I have to … Continue reading

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Blanket weed has a good side too

Blanket weed is, without doubt, a pain for anyone with a pond.  Pretty much every weekend I end up taking more out, in long strands, and to date I have regarded it as having no upside whatsoever.  Today I found … Continue reading

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From Hardy to Fry via a gazillion tonnes of missing mass

With so many books one can read, it is taking me many years to find opportunities and inclination to read some of the ‘classic’ authors. But, I have had a crack at Thomas Hardy whilst away skiing. ‘Jude the Obscure‘ … Continue reading

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A few photos from Meribel Al and Kat Sara, in normal pose … … and as ‘Penelope Pitstop‘ Kat showing why off-piste can be hard work

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