Blanket weed has a good side too

Blanket weed is, without doubt, a pain for anyone with a pond.  Pretty much every weekend I end up taking more out, in long strands, and to date I have regarded it as having no upside whatsoever.  Today I found a small silver lining, in the form of assistance with another pond menace, fallen leaves.

We have loads of trees around us, so even with the pond netted across the autumn, we get loads of leaves blowing in, and if left in any volume as they decompose, they put too many nutrients into the pond (ironically, promoting blanket weed).  Taking them out is easy enough near the edges, but much harder for the rest of the pond, and you always have to avoid stirring up the earth in the pond.  Well, as I pulled out the blanket weed today, I realised that it was pulling out pretty much every leaf, since it was growing around them, but leaving the earth untouched.  You could barely find a neater mechanism for taking out the leaves.  Right now that is very pleasing; I suspect I will think it is less great the rest of the year when the leaves aren’t falling.

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