Duck pond (not)

We build a wildlife pond in the garden last year, and have been very pleased with how it is getting established, with frogs, tadpoles, waterbeetles, a rather shy smooth newt, and dragonflies.  We don’t want fish as they will eat or disturb other things.  And, since it is a less than 20 square metres, there really isn’t the space for ducks, even if they have very cute ducklings. And they are cute (check the piece of duckweed next to the duckling for scale) :-


But, we simply couldn’t work out how the non-flying ducklings had arrived, or could therefore leave easily.  So, we found ourselves having to guide the duck and ducklings right across the garden, past the house, through the gate, down the road and path, all the way to the River Trent – maybe 400 metres, or in duckling terms, a long way.


But, it was good to see them all safely heading off into a safe pondlet on the side of the river; a bit of a feel-good task, even if we did spend a couple of hours.  And, our pond is back to the rather smaller occupants that it was built for.

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