Sara’s only holiday stipulation was ‘somewhere hot and sunny’.  Iceland has volcanoes and a very long day, so it kind of works!  Our customary long-term approach to ‘holiday planning’ is that if you have to plan it much then it doesn’t sound like a holiday.  So, we decided on Friday that it would be an interesting place to go, flew out on Saturday lunchtime, and by Sunday were snowmobiling across a glacier


We also took the chance to go horse riding,


jumping ~6 metres into glacial rivers (not quite as cold as one might have expected),

down a lava tunnel,

saw where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are being pulled apart,


and the moment that the Geyser started to blow …

… and just under a second later could feel the heat,

and relaxed in the blue lagoon

Overall though,the impression was off the power scale of active geology … it’s very hard to get a feeling for the sheer scale of things like lava flows until you realise that almost the whole of the 40 minute drive down road one from Reykjavik to the airport is across one lava field
P8250416 colour.JPG

Overall, a very enjoyable trip. We had to keep it to 5 nights as we were hosting a party for 20 of the family the day after we got back, but in fact that was just about perfect – enough time to see and do a lot, but without repeating things.

A word of advice, should you ever find yourself in Keflavik airport. Don’t rely on getting decent food there, and especially, avoid the Bistro Atlantic unless you want a serious disappointment, as well as the expected high prices.

Some more photos on Flickr, here.

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